10 Reasons to Live at The Landing

June 19, 2019

Wondering why you should live at The Landing?!  Well, here are 10 reasons why!

1. Free Tenant Shuttle – No car? No problem! The shuttle is one of the very best things about living at The Landing! Although we are less than a mile from campus, walking in the rain and snow is not very fun! Throughout the day not only does our shuttle drop tenants off right in the center of campus by the MC, but a few times a day it also stops near the Ricks building/L lot and the Hart. Our shuttle runs from 7AM-5PM Monday-Friday and does Walmart runs Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.

Photo of the Free Tenant Shuttle

2. Garbage Pick Up – It can be a drag when you constantly have to take your apartment's heavy and stinky garbage to the dumpster.  But at The Landing you don’t need to worry! We come to your door three times a week to pick up your garbage for you, so you don’t have to deal with it!

3. Granite Countertop Kitchen Table – Not only can you fit all your roommates around the table, but you can even fit friends! Our large granite kitchen table is equipped with custom made benches. This is perfect for Sunday dinners, game nights, and even study groups.

Photo of the Granite Kitchen Tables

4. Social Environment – The courtyard between our men’s and women’s buildings is the perfect place to socialize and hangout.  Tenants love hanging out in the common room for movie nights, around the fire pits for smores, and at the grill for a BBQ!  

5. Work Out Room – Want to get your workout on, but don’t want to go all the way to campus? Don’t worry, we got your back! With cardio machines and weights, you can get a fullbody workout without leaving the complex!  The fitness room is also equipped with a TV to keep you entertained while exercising. 

Photo of the Workout Room

6. Two Fridges – We realize that fitting food for six people in one fridge isn't fun.  With two fridges in each apartment you will have enough space for all your veggies, fruits, and more! We also have a large pantry next to the fridge to store the rest of your food.

7. Two Fire Pits – Two firepits means twice the fun and you can even reserve them if you have a special event or party. Come roast a s’more or two with your friends, FHE family, or ward!

8. Elevators – No one wants to walk up stairs, especially when you are moving in. The Landing has elevators on both the women’s and men’s building!

9. Modern Design – When building our apartments, we knew we wanted a nice, modern design. With our use of cool grays and modern furniture, it is not only a place to live, but a BEAUTIFUL place to call home.

10. Diligent Maintenance – We want our tenants to know how important maintenance is to us.  That's why you can login to your Landing account and quickly submit any maintenance requests.  Our goal is to make The Landing not just a place to live, but your home!