June 03, 2019


What does that mean and why is it SO important to The Landing?

Life is all about experiences! It is so easy to fall into the mundane routine of school, homework, sleep, eat, repeat EVERYDAY. Here at The Landing we want to change that! We want to make sure your days are full of joy and wonderful surprises! Our goal this semester is to make sure you are having experiences! 

Here are a few things we have done this semester to allow our tenants to #HaveAnExperience:

Lulu's Italian Ice Student Living Surprise: Student living meeting is so important! We are so blessed to go to a school that supports such high standards and morals! Each complex in the area does a student living meeting every semester and we know that they can all start to hear the same as you progess in school. Not only did we try to add more interaction to our meeting, but in the end surprised our tenants with a trip to a new food truck in town: Lulu's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard! After the meeting all of our meeting attendees jumped in the shuttle and went over for some delicious Italian Ice and custard! It was a blast to socialize and enjoy a delicious treat with you all!

Photo of four girls with icecream

Trivia & a TRex: One Friday one of our managers and a TRex hopped on the shuttle for disney trivia! We asked questions all about old disney movies to brand new ones and tenants who answered right got candy, gift cards to Burger King, Buffalo Wild Wings, Subway, and Target! This lucky tenant got 2 tickets to the new Aladdin movie!

Photo of a guy in a t-rex costume and a guy with a piece of paper in front of the landing shuttle.

Luau on the Shuttle: During the shuttle's lunch break on a rainy Wednesday we hopped on the shuttle and decorated it just like Hawaii! As tenants got on we greeted them with an "Aloha", lei's and Hawaiian punch. Throughout the trip we listened to beach music and asked them trivia all about Hawaii. For the hard questions tenants won gift cards and enjoyed our little homemade sunshine.

Photo of a Lauo on the Landing Shuttle