5 Things Perfect for your College Apartment

September 02, 2020

The fall semester is right around the corner! Here are a few things that will be perfect to bring and add to your college apartment! 

1. Photo Clip String Lights -  These are perfect to add to your Landing apartment bedroom! Print out cute pictures of family and friends to keep on your wall while you are away at school. The fairy light really add something to your space!

2. Surge Protector, USB Wall Charger & Outlet - The Landing has a ton of outlets, but we know you have a lot of things to plug in. This Outlet plug is super convenient to be able to plug in all your electronics in one place.

3. Super Soft Rugs - Adding a rug to any room can really add something to your space. Here is the perfect rug for your room or living room space!

4. Tortilla Throw Blanket - Okay, talk about a statement piece! This blanket is not only hilarious but also functional! 

5. Desk Organizer - This is the perfect piece to organize your space! No one likes a messy desk or space to work! This organizer will do wonders.