Covid-19 Information

October 06, 2020

BYU-Idaho recently sent an email to all students with a subject line that read “Warning of Potential Campus Closure” in which the University expressed deep concern regarding the rising number of COVID-19 cases.  A quote from the email says, “If EIPH guidelines are not followed and the current trend continues, it may require a reclosure of campus”.  No one wants to go back to remote-only classes. We want to do our part to keep BYU-Idaho open.

Through Monday, October 12th we will be taking the following steps to help slow the COVID-19 infection surge in Rexburg:
  1.  The common room and workout room will be closed. The piano room and study rooms will remain open.
  2.  We ask that you limit gatherings to 10 people or less.
  3.  The shuttles will continue to run with current occupancy limits and cleaning processes, but we ask that you please wear a mask while riding the shuttles.

BYU-Idaho’s ability to keep campus open is largely driven by the health department, as we were reminded in the University’s recent email.  We all need to do our part to make sure campus can stay open.  Like is says in Alma 37:6, “ small and simple things are great things brought to pass..” Please continue to do the small and simple things by continuing to wear your masks, social distance, wash your hands, and avoid large gatherings.

Let’s keep BYU-Idaho open!