5 of Our All Time Favorite Activities Here at The Landing

March 05, 2021

Here at The Landing we love our tenants and to have fun! We have had some amazing activities here the 3 years we have been open, here are some of our favorites:

1. Summer Block Party - Okay, who was with us for this awesome activity?! We did this awesome parking lot party back in June of 2018. We had a huge dance, inflatable bull riding,  just dance in our common room, cotton candy, nachos, and hot dogs. It was definately a night to remember! 

Party room neon

2. Surprise Hawaiian Shuttle Experience - Okay, we love our shuttle! One of our all time favorite activities on our shuttle was on a cold day during the shuttles lunch break we decorated it all with Hawaiian decorations! Our shuttle driver wore a Hawaiian skirt, everyone getting on the shuttle was greeted with a lei, we had Hawaiian punch, and trivia all Hawaiian themed! We had a blast and for a second, forgot that it was freezing!

Inside the free bus

3. Speed Dating - Would we be a proper BYU-Idaho student housing if we didn't do speed dating?! Just kidding! Back in Fall 2019 we did a fun speed dating activity that our tenants loved! We had a great turn out and crowd! It was a blast!

Speed dating activity

4. Every Thankful Thursday - Okay, we know this is a weekly activity, but it is still one of our favorites! We love feeding you all! Some of our favorite Thankful Thursdays have been Potato bars, doughnuts, and chilli dogs. 

Thankful thursday food

5. Bob Ross Paint Night - This last Monday we had an awesome Bob Ross paint night! We had as many people as we could have, still staying within covid restrictions in our common room and the rest of them zoomed in. It was a blast and so many amazing paintings came out of it!

Bob ross paint night

What has been your favorite acitivity we have done?!