5 Easy Dinner Recipes for College Students

February 15, 2019

1. BBQ Chicken French Bread Pizza - If you are ready for a delicious meal in less than 30 minutes this is the one for you!  BBQ pizza is delicious and even better when it is homemade.  With this simple recipe you will not only be eating delicious food, but making your roommates jealous!

Check out the recipe HERE

Photo of french bread pizza

2. Chinese Noodle Soup - With this 10 minute fast and easy soup recipe you will be eating healthy!  With seven ingredients you can get at Broulims or Walmart, you will never pick up that 50-cent ramen again.

Check out the recipe HERE

Photo of chinese noodle soup

3. BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches - If you have a crock-pot then this is the meal for you! It's so easy!  All you have to do is put everything in before you go to class and be prepared for a delicious meal when you come home. 

Check out the recipe HERE

Photo of BBQ Pulled Pork

4. Chicken Pillows - Pair this easy meal with a salad and your stomach will thank you! This is also a perfect dish to prepare for a Sunday roommate dinner. 

Check out the recipe HERE

Photo of Chicken Pillows

5. 3-Ingredient Orange Chicken - If you love Panda Express then you will love this recipe! Cook some rice along with this meal and your taste buds will be singing HALLELUJAH! 

Check out the recipe HERE

Photo of Orange Chicken