5 Things to do this Summer in Rexburg

June 03, 2020

Summer is so fun in Rexburg! Not only is the weather beautiful, but there is so much to do! Check out these 5 things that we suggest!

1. Teton Vu Drive In - There is just something about sitting in the bed of your truck or outside to watch a movie! It is the perfect date night activity! The drive-in here in Rexburg is truly a unique experience and is one to remember.

teton vu drive in theatre

2. Hiking- There are so many great places to go hiking! The Palisades, R-Mountain, Cress Creek, Mesa Falls, Grand Teton National Park, and so so many more. Put on your hiking boots and enjoy the beauty of Idaho!!


3. Bear World- The drive-thru and park are currently open! Go and see all the bears in the park and then make sure to head inside to see the cute baby bears. Also, did you know you can go through more than once?! It is a fun activity for dates or with friends!

black bears around a vehicle

4. Bonfires at the Dunes- You can go buy wood from a gas station and head over to the Dunes with s' mores stuff. This is really fun if you have a stereo, some blankets, and chairs! Please make sure that when you clean up after yourself to preserve this area!

fire at the sand dunes

5. Fishing at the Nature Park- Fishing poles can be inexpensive if you head to Walmart and pick some up. The pond is for catch and release only and a great way to soak up some sun! 

bench in front of water