5 of the Best Food Trucks Currently in Rexburg

August 05, 2020

Who doesn't love a good food truck?! I know we do! Here in Rexburg, we are blessed to have some of the best! From yummy desserts to a cute date night place to eat, we have a food truck perfect for any occasion! Check out what we think are the top 5 best food truck in Rexburg:

1. Crispy Cones - Okay, talk about YUM! Crispy Cones are a local food truck that serves a delicious sweet treat famous in European countries (including the Czech Republic). So what is a Crispy Cone? Well, this is how they describe it on their website, "A CrispĂ˝ Cone is made with cinnamon, sugar, choice of spread, chocolate and fruit toppings, and whipped cream or ice cream."

ice-cream cone

2. T-Rex Burger - Looking for one of the best burgers in Rexburg? Well, T-Rex burgers has got you covered! Located right next to Crispy Cone (convenient for dinner and dessert!), T-Rex burgers are made of all fresh and delicious ingredients. Also, their fries are some of the best in town!


3. Karie Anne's Italian Ice and Custard - Their website says it best, "you can't buy happiness but you can buy gelatis!" With their multiple flavors of Italian ice and Custard, you are bound to find a delicious combination of flavors that will make you want to dance! So, what is a gelati? It is a layer of Italian ice, custard, and then Italian ice again. Sound mouth-watering? Then check it out!


4. World's Best Corn Dogs - Want the best Corn Dog of your life?! Well, Rexburg's got it for you! Grab their delicious foot-long corn dog drenched in honey, ketchup, and mustard and you won't be sorry you did. Located right next to Boulims, it is a convenient and a delicious choice for lunch or dinner.


5. Taqueria El Rancho - Not only is this delicious choice located really close to The Landing, but it is not just a truck, but an entire bus! It is a perfect place for a date night or really any time you feel you need a taco. It is also open all year long and is the only one of these food trucks that is. 

mexican restaurant in a bus