5 Tips for Living with Roommates

August 20, 2020

Living with roommates can be fun, but it's not rainbows and sunshine all the time. You all come from different families and different backgrounds. You all have different opinions and ideas on how you live. Here are 5 simple tips for living with roommates:

1. Start off the semester with a roommate counsel - Pick a time for you all to talk. Get to know each other and talk about expectations for the apartment that semester. It could even be a good idea to set some goals for the semester! This is a great way to start off living together!

2. Treat your roommate like you'd like to be treated - Maybe your roommate leaves their dishes in the sink. Instead of texting your other roommates about it and gossiping behind their back or worse going on a rampage and yelling. Confront your roommate in a calm matter. Always do this in a way of kindness. 

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3. Address Problems when they're little - Don't let problems build up! It is important to talk about it right away so that you don't let it explode. Always talk to about a problem when you are feeling level headed. This will help you explain why something is bothering you without your roommate feeling threatened or upset.

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4. Communication is big, but compromising is also key - You can't be stubborn or unwilling to bend. It won't work — nothing will get solved. You have to find ways to make everybody happy and that means compromising on some small things to make the other person happy.

5. Keep an open mind - Your roommate may have a background VERY different from yours. He or she may be from another culture and may have an entirely different lifestyle and perspective than yours. Be open to this new perspective, and respect the differences between you. If you do, you'll find the diversity this experience brings into your life to be very rewarding.

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