5 Awesome Hikes to do Near Rexburg this Summer

July 26, 2022

Rexburg is so close to some of the most beautiful hiking areas! There are hikes for all levels here and you will still be blessed with the beauty Idaho has to give.

1. Cress Creek Nature Trail - This trail is only 25 minutes from Rexburg towards Kelly Canyon. It is a very simple hike, but you still see the beauty of the Snake River. A majority of the hike is actually paved which is nice! It is a hike that is definately worth the short drive! Click here for directions!

Level: Beginner 

River with trees next to it

2. Palisades Creek Trail - This hike is slightly over an hour away from Rexburg, but worth the drive. You can bring a swim suit and a tube to float in the cool lake. It is a good idea to go early because this can be a crowded trail and area. Click here for directions!

Level: Moderate

creek with mountains

3. Paddlesack Lake - This hike is not to far from Rexburg, and so beautiful! This hike is pretty short and easy trail. While on your hike look out for the Tetons in the background! Click here for directions!

Level: Easy

clear reflective lake with hills

4. Darby Canyon Wind Caves - This looks like such a cool hike! It is about 5.4 miles long, but the end will blow your mind. The caves are beautiful and the river along the way is a great view! This hike is about over an hour from Rexburg. Click here for directions!

Level: Difficult

hole in mountain

5. R Mountain: Do you even live in Rexburg if you have not done the "R" Mountain trail?! This is a very steep hike, but moderately short! It is about 20-30 minutes from Rexburg. The top of the mountain has great views on Rexburg. Click here for directions!

Level: Moderate

hill with R written in rocks on it