November Service Prompts for your Roommates

November 16, 2022

November is a great time to be reminded of what we are grateful for! It's also a great time to show our gratitude in serviceThese service prompts will be easy ways for you to show your roommates that you care:

November 1st: Write a roommate a note!It can be a novel or a simple "Hope you have a good day!" Just write a note so they know you are thinking about them!

November 2nd: Sit down and pray for your roommates by name. Be specific on why you are praying for them. This is a very good practice to keep going in your life.

November 3rd: Invite a roommate you don't normally spend much time with, to go do something together.

November 4th: Give a roommate a compliment on something deeper than appearance. For example: It is very cool you are very passionate about....

November 5th: Make your roommates a treat! This can be a bag of popcorn, cookies, etc.

Novemeber 6th: Focus on listening when you are talking to your roommates. Really listen to what they have to say with love and without judgement.

November 7th: Volunteer for an unpleasant task for one of your roommates. Whether this be a chore or some small task they hate to do.

November 8th: Give a roommate a hug. Might be awkward at first, but you never know when someone needs a good hug!

November 9th: Share on your social media something you love or appreciate about a roommate or all of your roommates!

November 10th: Share your favorite scripture or general conference talk with a roommate or all your roommates.

November 11th: Send a roommate an encouraging text or message!

November 12th: Leave your phone in your room and have a conversation with your roommates without the distraction.

November 13th: Invite a roommate to go serve with you. That could be heart attacking FHE families apartments, making cookies for a neighboring apartment, etc.

November 14th: Make your roommates bed today!

November 15th: Focus on brightening your roommates day. That might mean buying them a treat, complimenting them, whatever makes them happy!

November 16th: Invite a roommate to go to the temple with and go to a session, do baptisms, or walk the grounds.

November 17th: Go through a roommates social media and comment, hyping them up!

November 18th: Leave sticky notes with uplifting thoughts in random places. A well-placed, brightly-colored sticky note can go a long way towards making someone‚Äôs day!

November 19th: Use a unique talent of yours to serve a roommate in someway.

November 20th: Sit down as roommates and pick a Book of Mormon video to watch together and discuss together sharing all of your insights.

November 21st: Tell a roommate one thing you especially love about them!

November 22nd: Although your parents aren't your current roommates, call your parents and tell them something you love about them.

November 23rd: Offer to run an errand for a roommate today!

November 24th: Send a text to each of your roommates to tell them how much you appreciate them!

November 25th: Sit down and pray for your roommates by name. Be specific on why you are praying for them. This is a very good practice to keep going in your life.

November 26th: Plan a fun roommate movie night, night out, etc together so you can all hangout before the semester ends!

November 27th: Send a funny joke or funny reel to a roommate to make them laugh!

November 28th: Wake up early and plan to make your roommates breakfast in the morning before they leave for school or work!

November 29th: Help uplift a roommate who mgiht be down. This can be sending an encouraging text, inviting out to ice cream, etc.

November 30th: Make plans on how to serve your roommates for the rest of the semester.