Moving Out Tips & Tricks

March 22, 2023

Check Outs come so quickly! Here are some tips to start preparing for checking out/moving out that will help you have a smooth experience.

Plan Ahead! - Moving out and check outs always tends to sneak up on us, but by preparing now for check outs you can avoid the extra stress. Going through your classes schedules and figuring out when your finals will be can help you determine what day you can move out. Also, look through your lease or talk to management to figure out what day is the last day to move out for the semester. (For Landing tenants, Winter 2023’s last day to check out is Friday, April 7th) Knowing those dates, you can now sort out how you will be getting home. Make sure that if you plan on flying or driving - you plan on scheduling that within the check out dates. By having this all scheduled ahead of time, you don't need to stress about it when check out week arrives.

Start Decluttering! - Over the semester we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff! Start going through your things now to avoid having to take home way more than you want too! Here are a few ideas on how to do that:

  • Donate clothing and household items (pots, pans, dishes, bedding, etc.) you no longer need to the DI (, the family crisis center (, or a friend.

  • Sell items that have a higher value. Facebook marketplace or local “For Sale” pages are a great way to get rid of items and earn some extra money for you!

  • Recycle or throw away anything that cannot be donated or sold. 

Go through your Pantry! - Now is the time to go through your pantry and look at the food items you have. Plan ways to use those leftover foods in your meals. This helps you waste less food, and can also save you so much money in the long run. Tip: Use your food that expires soon or food that would not make the trip back home first! 

Arrange any Storage Needs! - We have some awesome storage options here in Rexburg, if you need a place to store your items, but they do fill quickly.

  •  Off Track Storage: (208) 709-1660 or - This is a great option for you! They will bring totes to your apartment at the time you schedule. Once you have filled them, they will pick them up and store them for an amazing price. Then, when you arrive back in Rexburg, they will bring your totes to you.

The 2-week Countdown! -  Move out day is only two weeks away, and you are more than prepared for the final day in your apartment. Now is the time to start thinking of all the little loose ends that need tying up! It might be a good idea to get your car checked and serviced if you have a long drive, return library books, sell textbooks or return all school equipment. If you plan on checking out before the official dates of checkouts, contact management to let them know! Have a meeting with your roommates and discuss the white glove cleaning. Figure out when everyone is officially checking out, so you know in what order to select your jobs. Pro tip: If you start to do a little cleaning daily, it can help immensely before your big white glove cleaning. There are extra cleaning supplies in our office if you need it.

Day of Checkouts - Feel so much relief that you planned ahead and got all your stuff in order to make checkouts easy for you! It is always a good idea to treat yourself after a checkout/move out. A few great places to grab a treat at here in Rexburg are Crispy Cones, Millhallow, Kiwi Loco and K-Lani’s

Good luck and we believe in you!